The Best Horses in the World have arrived at NYBC Live for the New York Longines Masters - The Royal Horses

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The Royal Horses

The hundred and sixty horses participating in the New York Longines Masters, which takes place from April 25 to 28, landed on American soil. Coming from the four corners of the globe, they now settle in NYBC Live where the competition will take place.

The horses landed Friday at John F. Kennedy International Airport, before being transported to NYBC Live after their obligatory two-day quarantine. Coming from thirteen different countries, the riders will join soon their mounts to start for these four days of competitions in the "big apple".

At this New York Longines Masters, spectators will be able to attend a new edition of the Longines Grand Prix of New York, but also the fourth edition of the Riders Masters Cup, competition in which Europe and the United States compete. in two-run duels. In addition to the Masters One (CSI5 *), the university riders of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Assosiation (IHSA) will have the chance to be on the prestigious international track, as well as those of the Masters Two (CSI2 *).

To see at the Longines Masters of New York

Thursday - "Dogs in a horse show"!
Opening of the New York Longines Masters at NYCB LIVE with Masters One and Two riders, as well as the AKC Agility Premier Cup, presented by EEM. The public will be able to enjoy this family event, with this grand premiere, a dog competition, in the setting for an international equestrian event, highlighting the amazing abilities of horses and dogs in their respective sports.

Friday - "University Day"

The competition continues on Friday with the Masters Two and a brand new event reserved for young riders from university riding: The Metropolitan Equitation Invitational hosts the best riders of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association at the Longines Masters. These student-riders will compete according to the format of the university competitions, where they will ride horses they do not know and will be judged by two great personalities of the equestrian world: Brianne Goutal-Marteau and George Morris.

Friday night - "Night of Speed"

Friday night, one of the highlights of the weekend for the public of NYCB LIVE, the event that should not be missed: the Longines Speed ​​Challenge! In this event considered to be the fastest in the world, the best riders on the planet will compete in a frantic race against the clock.

Saturday - "Family Day"

On Saturday, the weekend begins with the young stars of tomorrow who will compete in the Lamicell Prize, reserved for riders under 25 on a 1.45m course. Then, the Lamborghini Masters Power, a high jump event that thrills the public and highlight the pure athletic quality of the horse and the courage and technical precision of the rider. A great sporting moment that will be followed by an artistic and emotional moment with Santi Serra, the master of "natural dressage" and work in freedom.

Saturday - "Riders Masters Cup Night"

Saturday night fever at NYCB LIVE,! Last race before the Longines Grand Prix of New York for the Masters One riders. And what a test! The challenge between the two world powers of show jumping: the Riders Masters Cup. Two thrilling rounds of five individual duels for a team victory in this transatlantic battle between the USA Riders and the Riders Europe. A unique competition on the world circuit! An evening that could not end without the afterparty with the DJ of Tomorrowland, Henri PFR.

Sunday - "Grand Prix Day"

The last day of the Longines Masters in New York will again honor the purity of the horse with an ultimate presentation of Santi Serra. Horses and riders of Masters Two will experience their highlight of the weekend: their Grand Prix. Then the highlight of this second New York edition, the moment that everyone expects: the Longines Grand Prix of New York. On this Olympic level event, the best horses and riders of the week will do everything to register this prestigious title, which everyone dreams of on their list: "winner of the Longines Grand Prix of New York"!

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